Easy Five2 Motorcycle Overpants:


The ultimate solution to avoid risking your skin on a motorbike!

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Whether you are wearing a skirt, shorts or pants,…

Protect yourself in seconds without taking off your shoes!

You want to ride with special motorcycle pants, but you cannot keep them on when you arrive at the office? Choose Easy Five2

Put them on or take them off in less than 12 seconds.

Whenever it's time to go to the office, or to go out in the evening, or somewhere else that will make it impossible to stay disguised as a biker while being protected on the way, use Easy Five2 !

You no longer have to spend more than 10 minutes struggling with bad gear when you're already late. Ride with your legs well armoured and protected in just a few seconds.

The two zippers running along the legs allow you to open the pants completely. It goes around your waist without you having to take off your shoes.

The easy-to-use Velcro scratch fastening system keeps your pants at the level of your waist and you only have to zip then up. Everything is done very quickly; enough to let you stay under the covers just a few minutes longer.

Conceived as a second skin that follows all of your movements.

Easy Five2 is a super quick leg protection solution for motorcycle riders

CE approved made with high tenacity Cordura, it matches all your expectations with approved armouring located at the level of the hips and knees.

Ready in a few seconds ! 

1- Adjust the strap around your waist with the aid of Velcro fasteners, without removing your shoes

2- Close the two zippers that run along the legs

3- You are ready

When you arrive at your destination, taking off the over-pants only takes a few seconds!

- Hight protection Water-repellent Cordura fabrics

- Pants and Integrated and fit adjustable CE approved protection armour

- Quick to put on or take off without getting undressed or taking off your shoes

- Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing

- Conceived as a second skin

- Can be stored in your helmet

Inspired by the chaps worn by the Indians of the Far West

The American Indians used chaps during their long rides to protect themselves. We have reproduced the same experience for motorcycles and that's how our Easy Five2 concept was born.

Practical and comfortable, it also lets you forget about it.

When you are walking, thanks to the flexibility of their fabric, these pants will not interfere with your movements. The tour de force was to create practical over-pants that had pleasing aesthetics allowing you, if you wish, to keep them on once you get down off your bike. Easy Five2 is an ultra-fast leg protection solution for bikers.

From the curious to the passionate motorcycle riders, once you have tried the unique comfort and ease of use that Easy Five2 brings, you won't be able to do without them.

A Patented Model

French designed, water-repellent Cordura pants.

Progress and timetable

    As soon as the campaign’s goal has been reached, we will launch the manufacturing of all Easy Five2 pants, and we will be shipping in June 2020


    Sizes: Easy Five2 was created to adapt to all body types. From S, M, L, XL to XXL.

To make it easier for you to choose the size, simply use the size equivalence table and the Easy Five2 validation tool.




We use Colissimo to deliver each order correctly and on time. You will receive a tracking number as soon as your package leaves our warehouse. The delivery time is 2 days for France and  4 days for Europe.

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